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I dont believe were a nation accepting and embracing our ever-increasing size I believe were a nation reluctantly investing in Spanx pants and dimmer switches whilst labouring under the misapprehension that weight gain is inevitable, and change impossible. But as a former smoker who used to carry a few extra stone, I have a firm belief that if I can do it, anyone can.

"Laura Williams, diet and fitness guru."

"I've got a personal trainer called Laura, who I work with three times a week. She looks like a tiny Barbie and is ferocious."
 - Vanessa Feltz

"Laura is great and she really understands, and is very realistic about what is achievable for me."
 - Lauren Goodger

"We found Laura Williams who fully endorses the consumption of beer as part of a healthy eating regime. She gave us the secrets we had sought for so long and we made her our queen."
- Ladsmag

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“Former couch potato, reluctant runner, tiny blonde dynamo...”

Laura Williams is a former couch potato who has revamped her lifestyle to become one of the UK's leading personal trainers.

Laura has a diverse client base and has worked with everyone from elite athletes and celebrities to everyday, busy folk who want to get fitter and slimmer for good.

As well as being a top-ranking fitness expert, Laura is an established media commentator – she regularly comments for the Daily Mail, Heat and The Independent, plus many more UK titles (click here to view Laura's press coverage), and has appeared on television and radio, including Sky News, The Vanessa Show and BBC Radio (click here to view Laura's showreels).  Laura also writes a weekly fitness column in City A.M., blogs for The Huffington Post and writes regularly for consumer titles such as Essentials and Woman & Home magazine.

Laura’s also contributed to many high-profile media campaigns as a diet and fitness expert – she’s compiled fitness content for Amazon’s Sports & Leisure Department, worked with Boots UK on their vitamin range Reboot campaign and recently trained one of the cast of The Only Way Is Essex for a weekly celeb magazine.

Laura is an accredited Level 3 Personal Trainer, also qualified in Nutrition and Weight Management as well as being a qualified Pilates teacher, with additional qualifications in Sports Conditioning and Pre-and-Post Natal Fitness.

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